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Air pollution scrubbers, absorbers, adsorbers and dust collectors for food production

PZGO LLC offers individual design and production of air / gas scrubbers, absorbers, adsorption columns, as well as deodorizing, ventilation and aspiration systems for beverage- and food industry enterprises.

Food production- and processing lines are often active sources of undesirable dusts, gaseous substances and aerosols. The same applies to the storage sites of food raw and intermediate materials, as well as their precursors, which often contain a significant amount of harmful chemicals (alcohols, acids, alkalis, ketones, aldehydes). If in one case the microdisperse mechanical waste of (e.g. grain-harvesting) industry poses a danger only to personnel, in the other case, (e.g. starch industry) gaseous exhausts cause measurable damage to the environment. Thus, the demand for the gas cleaning equipment in food- and beverage industries is indisputable.

For more than 30 years our company has been improving gas cleaning techniques, developing materials and manufacturing modern equipment for industrial enterprises of all fields of activity. The effectiveness of PZGO LLC equipment in capturing dust, aerosols, sticky compounds, volatile substances, husk, glume, gases and odors is in the range of 98-99%.

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Food sector waste types and methods for their collection

Food production plants have a wide range of gaseous, aerosol and mechanical substances as by-products. This page covers the most common pollutants and effective methods for their capture.

Agro-industry: purification of industrial air from dry dust suspension, glume and grain husks

One of the largest areas of the agro-industrial sector is the production of cereals.

It is known that before getting to our table in the form of bread, pasta or porridge, the grain goes through several stages of preprocess operations. At each step, a significant amount of dust, glume and husk is formed, the removal of which is necessary for not only to improve the final food product quality, but also to preserve the performance and extend the lifespan of the milling equipment (grain cleaning separators, screw conveyors, aerators).

grain dust

Grain dust explosion

A distinctive feature of grain waste is dryness, large dispersion of husk particles and the absence of harmful gases. This allows, in most cases, to use simple and reliable cyclone dust collectors as air cleaning equipment.

However, if the technological schemes are modernized, and this causes the formation of wet, liquefied or cementing dusts, then the most rational choice would be to install a Venturi scrubber.

In meat, sausage- and fish-processing industries, where aggressive chemical agents and preservatives are used, wet fluidized-bed absorbers and / or adsorption towers show the maximum air purification efficiency.

Gas cleaning equipment for sugar mill and refinery plants

Despite the fact that in the sugar industry the main technological operations are mechanical processing and evaporation, at certain stages weakly alkaline solutions, carbonic acid and some other chemicals are used. The closer the plant is to places of residence of people, the stricter the regulation of the emission of chemically active substances.

sugar industry emissions

Sugar industry is emitting large amounts of harmful chemicals

The best option for trapping active compounds is a wet absorber tower. This can be either fixed-bed model (mainly for dry gases) or floating-bed scrubber, which is particularly well-proven in capturing aerosols and moist air streams.

Venturi scrubbers demonstrate high efficiency in capturing aerosols of syrup, molasses, and sticky starch dust.

Trapping chemicals, oils and fats in dairy industry

The dairy industry, due to the steady growth in demand, is forced to introduce technologies that allow increasing the volume of output. Unfortunately, this induces manufacturers to use a variety of chemical agents.

Among the most common reagents used in the production of milk, cottage cheese, ice-cream, cheese, cream and other dairy products are chlorine gas, ammonia, phosphoric acid, hydrogen peroxide, ozone, carbon monoxide, titanium oxides and antibiotics.

Many of these compounds represent a serious danger, and therefore their neutralization is one of the primary tasks of any dairy.

In addition to chemicals, during processing, semi-finished products emit a significant amount of fats and oils, the capture of which is strictly regulated by the requirements for sanitary and hygienic cleanliness of dairy production sites. At the stage of tare washing, oil-air suspensions generated by greasy wastewater are also formed.

milk tank washing

Chemical washing of milk tanks. The dairy industry generates a significant amount of pollutants at all stages of its activity

In addition, the industrial atmosphere, heavily polluted with powdered milk particles, presents a risk of explosion. All these aspects imply the use of powerful multistage fine air purification systems.

PZGO LLC is ready to analyze your needs in detail and manufacture exactly the equipment that will be necessary and sufficient to perform any specific tasks. We are also ready to produce, deliver and install suction (aspiration), ventilation and deodorizing systems.

Other food industries

Of course, this is not all food sectors, in which the demand for gas cleaning plants does not subside. Mechanical and gaseous pollutants accompany a variety of operations in the field of brewing, sweets, carbonated drinks, tea, coffee and even baby food.

The use of absorbers and scrubbers in the dairy and agricultural industry, allows obtaining economically sound organic sludge, which can be used as a nutritional supplement to the compound feed for cattle and poultry.

Manufacturing, delivery and commissioning of industrial air purification filters

If you have any questions regarding the design and manufacture of pollution scrubbers, packed- or fluidized bed absorbers or dry catalytic adsorption towers, or you wish to discuss the terms of cooperation that are most convenient for you, please send us an email or fill out a Customer’s questionnaire.

We quickly deliver and install equipment throughout Europe and Asia. At the request of the Customer, our engineers are ready to gladly accompany the Order to the final stage and carry out a quick commissioning of the equipment on a turnkey basis. Any size, performance, orientation and shape factors. Gas handling capacity of systems: up to 60,000 m3 of gas medium per hour. Full automation.

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