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For more than 30 years our company has been manufacturing effective and failure-free equipment for industrial gas cleaning.

Originating from the merger of the best Russian gas cleaning equipment developers, our factory adopted the most advanced techniques for wet, dry and combined gas cleaning.

Today we own a full industrial park of manufacturing equipment, which allows us to quickly, efficiently and inexpensively produce various types of gas cleaning units: stationary and fluidized (floating) bed absorbers, cyclonic spray scrubbers, vortex-type hydrofilters, Venturi scrubbers, dry chemical adsorption units and much more.

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Classification of gas cleaning and air purification equipment

Gas treatment plants manufactured by LLC PZGO can be used in a wide range of industries: from chemical factories to pulp and paper mills, from iron-and-steel to the food sector.

Available types of gas-cleaning / air purification equipment Technical purpose / Application
Cyclone dust catchers Air purification from coarse and medium dispersed non-cementing dust (grain husks, wood and metal shavings, fiber waste)
Dry adsorption units Purification of air and gases from toxic and highly reactive impurities: acidic and alkaline fumes, ketones, solvents, aldehydes, halides, aromatic hydrocarbons
Wet cyclones Preliminary air purification from mechanical dust and gas components, сooling and humidifying the air flow
Venturi scrubbers Capturing viscous, sticky, glue-type and oily inclusions, dusts, mists and aerosols (including those as a part of high-temperature emissions)
Foam-type absorbers Neutralization of smoke emissions (thermal power plants, boiler rooms), air purification after etching procedures, deactivation of chemically active vapors and aerosols, fine dust removal
Packed absorbers / Chemisorbers Neutralization (chemisorption) of gaseous emissions of high and extreme activity
Floating / Fluidized bed scrubbers Complex, heavy-duty processing of air flows with high concentration of gaseous and / or mechanical pollutants (including those of high chemical activity and temperature)

Wet scrubbers and absorbers perfectly cope with the task of cleaning waste gases, smoke emissions, exhaust gases, blast furnace gas emissions. The demand for gas cleaning devices in the energy industry (thermal power plants, boilers, CHP) is especially clearly seen.

compact gas cleaning unit

Wet foam absorber circulation tank (assembly process)

Among other things, wet gas cleaning devices effectively collect sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, phenols, benzenes, benzpyrene, and can also work in parallel as mechanical dust collectors, capturing dust suspensions and soot particles with a dispersity of 0.5 μm and larger.

As for the chemical and petrochemical industries, the aggregates of dry and wet types are capable of effectively neutralizing or utilizing a wide range of harmful and undesirable inclusions: alcohols, volatile compounds, acetone, amines, xylene.

Performance, size and spatial orientation

We care not only about the performance of our devices, which, by the way, can vary from a few tens of cubic meters to tens of thousands of cubic meters of flow per hour, but also about saving space in the work areas.

adsorption tower

Vertical-type gas adsorption unit (sideways view)

The average cleaning efficiency achieved using our equipment is 99%. So, based on the principle of necessary sufficiency, we manufacture scrubbers and absorbers in any size and spatial orientation. In short, we examine each Order in such a way as to ensure maximum gas cleaning performance with minimal interference with existing systems that operate within your industrial zone. It is possible to manufacture horizontal, vertical, inclined and other versions of the units.

Laboratory equipment for fine gas cleaning

No large-scale production can do without its own laboratory. Many laboratories deal with hazardous or harmful substances. This obliges laboratories to be equipped with the most efficient aspiration and air purification systems, since the emission of poisons into the industrial atmosphere or the air basin can entail not only deterioration of people's health, but also serious fines from environmental organizations.

LLC PZGO offers manufacturing and installation of modern and reliable aspiration and ventilation systems for thin gas and air cleaning for laboratories and laboratory complexes of any industrial orientation.


Depending on the working conditions, temperature and chemical aggressiveness of the processed gas-air media, we offer a wide range of construction materials. Carbon steel can be used for non-aggressive medium-temperature gas streams, while chemically active media require lining (strengthening) the inside of the column. For air purification from high-temperature and / or especially reactive compounds, such as aerosols of acids, alkalis, aromatic hydrocarbons or ketones, we offer scrubber columns and absorbers made of polypropylene, fluoroplastic, stainless steel or titanium. The same applies to ancillary equipment, such as fans, pumps, couplings, gas ducts, heat exchangers etc.

packed bed absorber

Steel-bodied packed bed column absorber (working compartment is lined with fiberglass)

Another advantage of the equipment for wet gas cleaning is cooling and humidification of the treated gas stream. This plays an important role in the process of cleaning smoke emissions from the combustion of gasoline hydrocarbons (heating-oil) and MSW.

Sludge disposal / treatment

In our own design bureau, we not only think over the geometry and the physicochemical technology of the devices, but also consider the possibility of cost-effective disposal of sludges generated as a result of gas cleaning activities.

If possible, we design the gas cleaning systems in such a way as to allow for the economically viable disposal of the generated waste.

acid and alkaline waste neutralization station

Compact and fully-automatic high-performance acidic and alkaline liquid waste neutralization station

As applied to (thermal, coal, heating-oil) power plants, for example, it is possible to organize such a retention of smoke compounds, in which synthetic gypsum is formed as a residue. Farther, this gypsum can be used to produce a variety of building and finishing materials.

Design, manufacture and delivery of gas cleaning systems

For any questions regarding the individual design, manufacture and purchase of gas cleaning devices, please fill out the questionnaire or send us an email.

Each unit is designed individually and precisely corresponds to all technical aspects of future operation.

As a full-cycle manufacturer, we also offer to purchase efficient and compact stations for neutralizing liquid acid and alkaline wastes, which are in some cases formed as a by-product of the operation of chemical gas cleaning devices.

We quickly and carefully deliver scrubbers, absorbers and adsorption columns to any country / region in Europe or Asia. Besides, we are ready to carry out a professional installation and commissioning of equipment on a turnkey basis. Feel free to contact us any time.

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