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Dry and wet gas cleaning / treatment equipment for the oil and gas sector

The Russian manufacturing enterprise PZGO LLC offers to individually design, manufacture, deliver and put into operation modern and inexpensive gas cleaning equipment for the oil and gas industry.

For over three decades we have been improving our own economic, physical and chemical approaches to the development of materials and technologies for gas cleaning / treatment facilities. Today, our scrubbers, absorbers and adsorption columns show an average efficiency of 99%.

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Particularities of the oil and gas industry in terms of gas cleaning procedures

The oil-and-gas sector is one of the largest branches of modern industry, which deals not only with the extraction of liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons, but also with their refining and transportation. The importance of hydrocarbon processing is difficult to overestimate, because the outputs of work of this industrial field are both truck tires and children's toys.

Of course, the end user usually does not realize how complex the complete cycle of turning oil or gas into ready-to-use products is.

As the raw material moves towards the final market, it undergoes many chemical transformations, and, depending on the characteristics of the processing technology, it can take on aggregative states of a liquid, gas, and their intermediates – vapors, fumes, aerosols, colloidal sols.

An important feature of oil and gas raw materials and other hydrocarbon minerals is their dangerous potential, which is fully revealed during the thermal and chemical treatment of substances.

This obliges oil and gas enterprises to install gas cleaning devices at almost every stage of oil and gas processing and transportation.

Types of equipment and corresponding methods of gas and air purification

Gas cleaning and gas treatment systems can be divided into 2 large groups.

Equipment for wet gas treatment includes wet scrubbers with a fixed or fluidized bed, as well as packed absorbers and bubblers.

Gas scrubbers with fixed and fluidized bed

Moisture scrubbers are usually considered as devices capable of effectively purifying gas or air streams that are largely contaminated by mechanical inclusions. These mechanical impurities can be ash, soot, aerosols and other gas-mechanical suspensions with a dispersion of 0.5 microns.

horizontal packed scrubber

Horizontally-oriented packed-type scrubber for complex capture of chemically active dust / aerosol / gases (produced at PZGO LLC)

Moreover, the loading of the chemically active absorbent into the spray section is capable of imparting the properties of chemical equipment to scrubbers.

As a packing (or bed), hollow thin-walled polypropylene balls (in fluidized bed models) or bodies of special geometric shape can be used, providing a high specific surface within a modest volume.

Fixed-bed scrubbers filled with Raschig rings, Dixon rings, or Pall rings as packing are often referred to as an absorption apparatuses.

The physical principle of capturing unwanted compounds, in basic terms, is the same for scrubbers and industrial absorbers. The main functor for capturing dust-gas inclusions is a layer of liquid (process water or reagent), the surface of which plays the role of an interphase boundary, where harmful substances / oils / ends are actively deposited.

Hollow PP balls are "boiling" inside the reagent (this demo stand is created in our engineering department to vividly depict the sorption principle of FBS)

In fixed-bed (packed) apparatuses, the agent is sprayed (and the active micro-film is formed) by means of atomizers located above the packing, while in fluidized bed scrubbers the liquid reagent completely envelops the bodies, causing them to "boil" (imagine, how balls behave in a bingo machine).

Packed absorption (chemisorption) towers

Packed absorbers, mostly related to the chemical type of gas cleaning equipment, in general, repeat the basic principles of scrubbers, but, as a rule, are filled with fixed bodies of high specific surface.

packing bodies irrigation

Packed bed (in this particular case consisting of stainless steel Pall rings) can be irrigated with process water or chemical solution (depending on the pollutant to capture or neutralize)

Also, like other wet-type apparatuses, they are capable of processing high-temperature flows, which is an important factor in the distillation of oil and the production of gasolines, fuel oils, and tars. The virtually unlimited amount of reagents available allows these devices to perform a wide range of production tasks.

Foam / bubble absorbers of self-induced type

Separately, mention should be made of bubbling or foam absorbers. They do not contain packing bodies, and the interfacial layer is the surface of unstable foam (water or chemical agent) that is formed on the supportive perforated plates.

In the oil and gas industry, chemical absorbers demonstrate high efficiency in trapping benzenes, xylenes, toluene, ethylbenzene, saturated and unsaturated aromatic hydrocarbons, carbonyl-containing compounds and gaseous pyrolysis products.

Since the foaming is caused directly by the inward polluted gas stream, orifice absorbers are often called self-sustaining or self-induced.

Dry-type industrial catalytic adsorbers

Another large group of gas cleaning devices is adsorbers / desorbers.

Despite the fact that they are often called dry adsorption columns, they do not always have a vertical orientation. But, in all cases, the main element that captures undesirable compounds is the adsorbent - activated carbon, silica gel, ceramic, aluminum-containing material or highly porous polymer.

As the name implies, dry adsorbers are not used to handle high humidity gas streams. In case of high humidity of the air flow, an additional desiccant is required upstream of the adsorber.

industrial adsorption tower

Adsorption tower: depending on the adsorbent used, the filter can neutralize SO2, H2S, ketones, acidic and alkaline fumes, benzene and other pollutants connected to oil-and-gas industry

In contrast to wet-type apparatuses, industrial adsorbers are true regeneration systems, which allow not only to capture gases efficiently, but also, next, to extract them from the adsorbent through a desorption mechanism.

In the oil and gas production sector, these devices are used to adsorb and subsequently desorb such compounds as hydrogen sulfide, sulfur oxides, carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon monoxide, argon, xenon, helium, krypton, mercury vapor, volatile chlorides and fatty acids.

Equipment engineering, manufacturing, delivery and local commissioning in Europe and Asia

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We are ready to quickly deliver single devices and multistage systems to any region in Europe and Asia and, if necessary, to carry out local commissioning of equipment. All devices and plants comply with international standards and are supplied with a package of technical and accounting documentation.

gas cleaning equipment for oil and gas industry

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