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PZGO LLC offers individual calculation, design, manufacturing and local installation of reliable, inexpensive, effective and compact Venturi scrubbers.

Despite the fact that industrial Venturi dust collectors are mainly aimed at trapping mechanical pollutants, their use is not limited to this. Loading an acidic, alkaline, or other chemical solution into absorbent reservoir makes it possible to perform bi-phase (gas-solid) air or gas cleaning.

The simplicity of the design and the absence of moving parts make these dedusters a rational choice for a variety of air-cleaning procedures. The high flow rate provided by the Venturi cone (up to several hundred meters per second) allows neutralizing / utilizing sticky and cementing dusts, suspensions and emulsions with high efficiency.

In addition, Venturi systems are characterized by low pressure drop, and, like other wet-type scrubbers, are capable of processing high-temperature air flows, cooling and moistening the gaseous medium.

For more than 3 decades, we have been improving gas cleaning techniques and developing new materials that allow our equipment to achieve almost 100% efficiency.

Design and operating principles of a Venturi dust arrester

As is clear from the name of the apparatus, the main functional element of the scrubber is the so-called Venturi tube. This pipe consists of two cones, whose narrow necks are directed towards each other.

By the way, sometimes, in the design of gas-cleaning equipment, expanding pipes are implemented, whose principle of operation is reverse to the Venturi principle. This is done in those cases when the gas stream must not be accelerated, but, alternatively, slowed down.

The principle of the tube, (and the scrubber proper), is based on the Venturi effect. This principle, stemming from the Bernoulli Effect, describes the dependence of the velocity of the gas medium on the diameter of the pipe. That is, the smaller the diameter of the pipe in which the flow moves, the higher its speed, and vice versa.

venturi scrubber

Stainless-steel bodied Venturi scrubber produced at PZGO LLC for Nestle department (the main purpose of this very filter is to capture hot, oily and sticky syrup within a food production line)

  1. The polluted gaseous / aerosol stream that is fed into the Venturi cone begins to rapidly pick up speed, which reaches its maximum at the junction of the confuser and diffuser.
  2. The gas phase, accelerated to high speed, collides with droplets that break into even smaller liquid particles, forming a micro-fog, which provides a large contact area within a high pullutant-sorption capacity. It is at this zone that the active binding of the pollutant molecules to the absorbent molecules occurs.
  3. Immediately after this, the air flow enters the chamber of a larger diameter (diffuser), where instantaneous flow deceleration and a sharp condensation of micro-droplets into larger formations occurs. This process of droplets conglomeration is called coagulation or flocculation.
  4. Large drops, under the action of gravity, naturally fall down into the sludge receiving section, and medium and small particles of the absorbent are trapped by a drop separator.
In models with a closed circulation of the absorbent, the condensed medium returns (after some processing) to the working circuit, while in devices with an open / combined circuit, the absorbent is sent directly to the sludge collector.

Specifications and technical aspects of Venturi dust collectors

Please note one important feature. Due to the high flow velocities, the working section of the Venturi tube is subjected to mechanical wear, especially if there is a treatment of gas or air flows containing abrasive dusts.

venturi ash catcher

The Venturi dust arrester shows outstanding performance in capturing flue gas (SOx, NOx, HCl), ash and soot.

To increase the wear resistance of the scrubber, the inner surface of the pipe can be lined with durable silicon carbide. Silicon carbide can be also deposited on special light-gauge bushings, which can then be inserted directly into the Venturi tube.

This leads to a slight increase in the cost of construction, but dramatically simplifies the maintenance and repair of turbulent / coagulation-type wet dust collectors.

As for technical characteristics, dust collectors of this type (produced within the facilities of PZGO LLC) have the following specifications:

  • collection effervescive: 96-99.99%;
  • maximum dustiness of air: up to 90-100 g / m3;
  • dispersion of captured particles: up to 0.5-1 microns;
  • gas flow velocity in the Venturi cone: 170–200 m / s;
  • average consumption of water / absorbent: 0.5 - 1.5 l / m3;
  • pipe pressure difference: from 0.5 to 20 - 30 kPa.

If gases (or air) containing dust along with strong chemical pollutants are treated, it is recommended to install Venturi systems as preliminary facilities. For integrated pollution control it is reasonable to use chemical absorbers or fluidized bed scrubbers as the main gas cleaning equipment.

Venturi dust catcher drawing and schematics

venturi scrubber schematic drawing

Please note that this drawing is a reference. We develop each air purifier with a subtle consideration for the characteristics of each industrial site, so the final design and components' relative positions of the device may vary slightly

Gas handling capacity range, m3 / h Reference dimensions, mm
a b h D
100-500 1000 1200 1920 100
500-1000 1000 1390 2300 150
1000-2500 1300 1520 2500 220
2500-4500 1500 1870 2625 280
4500-6000 1500 2225 3000 370
6000-8000 1750 2400 3100 430
8000-10000 2000 2630 3300 485
10000-15000 2100 2900 3500 570
15000-20000 2300 3210 3900 660
20000-25000 2500 3550 4170 750
25000-35000 2750 4000 4780 825
35000-45000 3000 4350 5100 1000
45000-60000 3500 4950 5950 1150
60000-80000 3750 5450 6400 1320
80000-100000 4000 6075 7290 1500

Scope of delivery and components

Venturi scrubber consists of the following functional components:

  • Body (made of PP, fiber glass, fluoroplastic, lined steel, stainless steel or titanium);
  • Venturi tube with one, two or more atomizing sections;
  • mist eliminator (the design of mist separator depends on the model and size of the device);
  • water / absorbent tank;
  • fan;
  • pumping unit;
  • piping / valving;
  • water / reagent filtration system;
  • scraper conveyor for automatic sludge removal;
  • control / monitoring panel.
Since the splitting and subsequent coagulation of the droplets is not described by a constant, the slight variability factor is always present. To achieve maximum efficiency, our engineers individually test each manufactured scrubber.

Engineering, manufacturing, sale, delivery and commissioning of Venturi scrubbers at European and Asian industrial facilities

To discuss the mutually beneficial cooperation conditions regarding the individual design and manufacture of wet turbulent-type dynamic scrubbers, (as well as packed absorbers and dry adsorption modules), please send us an email or fill out a Customer's questionnaire.

We are ready to quickly deliver gas-cleaning equipment to any region in Europe and Asia and, if necessary, to carry out a quick and professional commissioning of devices.

Each unit is accompanied by a complete set of technical documentation with detailed information. Rock-solid manufacturer’s warranty. Any terms of cooperation.

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