Bubble column / Foam scrubber / Barbotage absorber

Bubble absorbers and barbotage / foam scrubbers for chemical gas cleaning

The manufacturer of gas-cleaning equipment PZGO LLC offers to design and manufacture reliable, compact and inexpensive orifice / foam scrubbers and bubble absorbers of self-induced type.

No chemical or near-chemical production is complete without waste treatment facilities. Modern gas cleaning plants are aimed not only to keep the industrial and global atmosphere clean, but also contribute to cost-effective utilization and recovering of waste gases and dusts.

Dimensions of foam absorbers vary depending on performance. For example, an apparatus capable of processing 7000 m3 per hour has dimensions of 2300 × 1200 × 3100 mm, and its mass is 900 kg.

Foam scrubbers and froth-type absorbers have many advantages, including the processing of hazardous / highly-toxic and / or explosive gaseous compounds, cooling of high-temperature flows and having a low flow resistance. In addition, foam-type apparatuses have no moving parts, which greatly simplifies the maintenance and guarantees a long service life.

The compact size and low weight of the absorbers make it possible to place them with high economic rationality even in the constrained environment of small production sites.

For more than 30 years, we have been improving our own gas cleaning techniques and equipment, which today show an average efficiency of 99%.

Design and operating principle of self-induced foam scrubbers

Externally, the design of the chemical-type dust-collector is a column of circular, rectangular or square section. By default (but not necessarily), the outer casing is made of PVC. Internal circulation loop is made of chemically inert PVC / PVDF. Inside the tower there is one or more tiers with perforated plates, on top of which water or reagent is supplied. Among other things, the absorber is equipped with inspection hatches, a level gauge, a pump unit and a demister / drip catcher.

drawing of foam scrubber

Reference layout / drawing of a foam gas absorber

The peculiarity of the operating principle of the bubbling scrubber is that the incoming gas / air stream forms a foam without any additional froth promoters.

Barbotage (French "Barbotage" – "wading") is the transmission of air / gas through a layer of liquid, (also known as entrainment). Passing through a perforated tray, the air flow foams the liquid (that is continuously fed), forming a dense layer of unstable foam, which captures undesirable gas phase and fine mechanical pollutants with extra-high efficiency.

Depending on the speed of unwanted conglomerates, the latter can be both deposited on the surface of the bubbles and, in the case of sufficiency of kinetic energy, "pierce" a thin liquid foam film and cause the bubble to collapse (and, thus, fall down, through dumping system, into the slurry receiver as a liquid). Within a second, thousands of such micro-processes occur inside the foam sheet.

bubble column

Barbotage-type air purificator. Please note that we scrupulously take into account all the technological subtleties of each industrial site and, based on analytical data, we manufacture unique gas cleaning devices. In this regard, the appearance of an apparatus, produced for your technological needs, may differ (slightly) from that shown in the photo.

Since the process of bubbling and, thus, gas cleaning is provided directly by the incoming polluted stream, such scrubbers and absorbers are often attributed to as self-induced.

Specifications and advantages of barbotage scrubbers

Foam-type chemical absorbers are distinguished by the following special aspects:

  • reducing the toxicity of gaseous emissions, including those polluted with fine mechanical dust: up to 99.9%;
  • applicable for wide range of hazardous / undesirable organic and inorganic pollutants of various identities in any branch of industry;
  • selective liquid solutions, available for loading into the absorbent tank, allow to quickly reconfigure the scrubber to perform new tasks;
  • permissible flow temperature: up to 700 degrees Celsius (in inox, lined steel and titanium cases);
  • low pressure loss;
  • the ability to handle highly moistened streams;
  • deactivation of flammable and explosion-capable dust;
  • full automation of gas cleaning activities through modern instrumentation and control systems;
  • increased reliability and durability of barbotage-driven gas cleaning devices, even when processing highly aggressive environments (acids, alkalis, halogens);
  • affordability, ease of maintenance and manufacturer's warranty.

Equipment engineering manufacturing, delivery and local commissioning

To ask any question regarding the individual design, manufacture and delivery of froth / bubble absorbers to Europe or Asia, please feel free to send us an email or fill out the Customer's questionnaire.

At the request of the Customer, we are ready to quickly put the equipment into operation by creating new or using the existing gas cleaning infrastructure.

For industrial sites related to the processing / synthesis of strong chemicals (acids, alkalis), we propose to consider the acquisition of downstream liquid chemical waste neutralization systems.

We are also glad to consider any other conditions of one-time or long-term cooperation.

foam scrubbers and absorbers

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