Floating bed water scrubbers and moving bed absorbers

One of the most promising and effective filters for complex dedusting, waste- and exhaust gas cleaning is fluidized bed scrubber, (also sometimes referred to as mobile- / moving-bed absorber). Due to the significant flexibility in form-factors, sizes and performances, such devices can be profitably used in any branch of modern industry.

Floating bed scrubbers demonstrate high efficiency in the context of complex purification of gas / air flows polluted with both fine-mechanical and chemical contaminants. This option is especially much-in-demand in those industrial areas where thermal decomposition and / or combustion of organic matter and hydrocarbon fuels takes place: power plants, boiler houses, asphalt concrete plants, oil refining, waste incineration plants.

For more than 30 years, PZGO LLC has been producing reliable and inexpensive gas cleaning equipment, which daily confirms its quality at more than 200 industrial enterprises in Russia and abroad.

Working principle, design and key operation features of fluidized bed scrubbers

In terms of design, the apparatus is (most often, but not necessarily) a vertical hollow tower, the interior of which contains a chamber filled with lightweight hollow balls (or several compartments at different heights).

With regard to the principles of operation of the mobile-bed scrubber, the gas (or air) flow passes bottom-up along the tower and encounters a highly turbulent multi-phase “obstacle” in the form of a fluidized bed (see video below).

FBS scrubber

FBS for complex gas, aerosol and dust capture (this model of scrubber was produced at our company for bitumen concrete plant)

More precisely, the upward flow proper forms a mobile layer of the filling, lifting the bed, while the nozzles spray water (or reagent) on top of the bed bodies, thereby counterbalancing the opposing forces and making the filling float, levitate over the tray.

In these conditions, when the actions of the reverse-direction forces are accurately balanced, solid bodies begin to behave like a liquid, forming a chemically and mechanically active inter-phase surface, in which a wide spectrum of pollutants of physical and chemical nature is absorbed.

Own-conducted researches and experiments show, hollow polypropylene balls are the ideal choice for an absorption- and scrubber columns with floating bed. Firstly, PP has good resistance to abrasion, and secondly, it is chemically inert, which allows its use even when processing acidic or alkaline fumes / aerosols. Among other things, hollow spheres have low weight, which improves the circulation properties of the fluidized filling.

This demo stand of FBS working compartment vividly depicts the "boiling" of PP balls inside the absorbent

The moving-bed elements can be made not only of polypropylene, but also of another material, the properties of which most closely correspond to the specific requirements of gas cleaning procedures.

Advantages of mobile-bed scrubbers produced at PZGO LLC

  • Purification efficiency: up to 96-99.99%;
  • The use of the absorber as an industrial dust collector (for heavily-polluted streams with dust particles of 0.5 µm and above);
  • Effective retention of gaseous components: hydrogen sulfide, sulfur oxides (DeSOx), nitrogen oxides (DeNOx), hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, ammonia, chlorine, phenols, benzene, furans, dioxins, benzpyrene, naphthalene, carbon monoxide, aromatic hydrocarbons, volatiles, aerosols and fumes of various acids and alkalis;
  • A wide range of scrubbing liquids: from process water to acidic, alkaline, manganese, lime and other solutions;
  • The temperature interval for the streams to process: from 5 to 250 °C, (which is especially important when treating high-temperature smokes and fumes);
  • Flow handling performance of a single scrubbing unit: from 40 m3 to 100,000 m3 per hour (with minimum footprint for maximum space saving);
  • Low hydrodynamic resistance: 2500-5000 Pa;
  • High mass and heat transfer coefficient;
  • The economic feasibility of the disposal of sludge (besides, the sludge receiver can be optionally equipped with a scraper gear, which allows the absorber to operate non-stop);
  • Exceptional reliability, affordability, low-maintenance, full automation of the system, long time manufacturer’s warranty.

Layout view, schematics, dimensions and performance (gas-handling capacity)

fbs schematics

Floating bed scrubber schematics. Please take into account that this very schematics shows only one of the several types of manufacturing of the fluidized bed scrubber and the relative position of its functional units. We approach each Order with an exceptional individuality, so a device made in accordance with Your specific technological needs may look a little different.

Table of gas-handling amounts and their dependance on scrubber dimensions (reference data)

Gas handling capacity, m3 / h Reference dimensions, mm
a b h D
100 1550 1150 3300 120
500 1550 1150 3700 150
1000 1550 1150 4300 195
2500 3000 1150 4900 300
5000 3200 1250 5800 370
10 000 4120 1450 6920 400
15 000 4600 1700 7400 500
20 000 4900 1940 7950 650
25 000 5030 2350 8500 720
30 000 5030 2350 8800 850
40 000 5900 2350 9500 1000
50 000 5900 2350 10400 1200
60 000 6500 2500 10900 1400
70 000 6500 3000 11300 1510
80 000 7200 3500 12000 1550
90 000 7200 3800 12900 1630
100 000 7200 4300 13890 1700

Scope of supply

The full equipment package includes:

  1. Individually designed wet scrubber (with bed included);
  2. Tanks and pumping equipment;
  3. High-pressure fan;
  4. Stop valves and piping;
  5. Instrumentation and control board.
Scrubbers manufacturing, delivery and commissioning

For any questions regarding the individual design / modelling, manufacture and purchase of industrial dedusting, air filtration and gas cleaning equipment, please contact us in the way that is convenient for you or fill out a Customer’s questionnaire.

We are ready to quickly and carefully deliver a single unit (or a multistage air scrubbing plant) to any region in Europe and Asia.

If necessary, the engineers of PZGO LLC can assembly install and put the equipment into operation within a turnkey basis. Feel free to contact us any time.

fluidized bed scrubber manufacture

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